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  • Cardio explained – what is the best type of cardio & do you need to spend more than 18 minutes doing it.

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You’re dedicated and it’s paid-off. You’re living the lifestyle. Dedication, Command and Control have brought you to this point. You know how to delegate and find the expertise needed that breeds more sucess.

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I’m Daniel Grant, I know you’ll succeed – and here’s how:

I’m a body-shaping expert. My specialised work is with 25-45 year old high-flying driven people who want the body to match their lifestyle.

With such a success rate of clientele who, like you, have a busy life and busier mind, Is the proof of how I know you will get the dynamic body, in health and appearance, you deserve.

All these efforts on my part were to make my philosophy of fitness available to as many of those who wanted to have it.

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Honed and perfected for 25-45 year old High-Flyers, living fast & wanting results even faster!

I’ve taken what I’ve learned from the best; having been tutored and trained by the number one strength coach in the world, (he’s produced numerous gold medalists) I’ve incorporated his BioSignature fat loss system, utilised it & applied my other systems alongside it.

With such a success rate of clientele who, like you, have a busy life and busier mind, Is the proof of how I know you will get the dynamic body, in health and appearance, you deserve.

I’ve perfected a 7-week program that creates stunning body transformations. I’ve organised this method, written it down, and now it’s yours to achieve. You can pick up your copy (plus your two free gifts) right now –

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“To have you feeling ‘Limitless’ and facilitate the creation of Your ‘Greek God’ body”

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After having success with celebrities, high profile people, & entrepreneurs this system can work for you too.

I get my clients to achieve (and remain at) their personal best.

Results breed success.

Running my own company, with the last 5 years being fully booked, I exclusively accept new clients through referral.

So in-demand is my expertise and system, that over the past 18 months I’ve co-developed an iPhone app which puts a personal trainer in your pocket.

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Now, I’ve created this eBook so you can get all the expertise and success that my clients have experienced, for yourself.

Imagine, that you could control when your body used stored-fat and you’re able to get leaner at will. It’s possible to have this at your command, with “Food Diary Coaching”.

There’s times when you want the “lean-look” quickly. Say, you want to lower your body-fat slightly because of a beach holiday, or an event, or a special someone coming into your life for whom you want to look outstanding, apply my “Meal Gaps” system.

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How To Keep Your Results For Life...

How do you keep the body of your dreams once you’ve achieved it? Well masterfully placed within this book you will discover how to live with your Greek God Body – Everyday! Not only that, you will learn how to achieve this in a healthy, sustainable and reliable way.

It’s all in the Book!

The perfected 7-week program that creates stunning body transformations! The organised method, written down, and now it’s yours – Get results! Get them rapidly! My system works! Time tested.

7 Ways To Reach Your Personal Best...

Be at your best health and at your most productive – all in one. Sound good? Keep reading...

It’s possible and true. The way that you are going to access this body-transformation is by doing something different from what you’ve been doing.

I show you how. You learn as you do, for fast results and long-term success.

No fads, no tricks, no temporary solutions. Lasting, long-term fitness that you can have your lifetime and be there in only 7 weeks!

How It Works

We’ll start from where you are – wherever your shape and fitness level.

In the same way you pick and choose options and details of a luxury sports-car to make it your own and suit your needs and desires; we’ll do the same with your transformation.

I’m there with you every step of the way – From Getting Started to your full Body Transformation, Work-out, and Plan-of-Action agreements to Training, Progression and Cardio.

Fitness and Appearance results aren’t just what you do to your body, it’s also about nutrition and food-intake. I’m there with you too. Food shopping lists, Food Diary, Meal Strategies are all in there.

I’ve provided all my knowledge and experience to you in the most simple & easy to follow structure. It’s all in the Book!

I’ve also provided my exclusive Meal Gaps, Daily ‘Quick4’ Routine and Supplement Protocol parts of my system at no additional cost.

Anything to get you to the fitness level you desire, quickly and easily.

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Get results! Get them rapidly! My system works!
The perfected 7Week-Transformation-System.

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When you make the investment in this book you not only get access to the fastest way to get in shape - you will also receive two free gifts that provide foundations to your success.

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Once you understand exactly what to do, how to do it & why you’re doing it there will be no stopping you on your road to your Greek-God Body!

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Why walk to your destination when you can sprint there in less than half the time? We all want what we desire right now! Well here is the way to get the body of your dreams in record time.

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Daniel Grant

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I’d love to see how you got on.

Immediately at the beginning of your journey, I coach you through some information gathering.

You will take a moment to write your answers to my questionnaire that captures how you feel – physically, mentally & emotionally.

At 7 weeks (that’s all it takes) take another moment to write down how much better you feel – physically, mentally & emotionally. You’re guided through every step of the way.

I genuinely and sincerely can’t wait to see and hear about YOUR success.

P.P.S. –

When purchasing this eBook, you become my client; you’ll get my contact info for your continued support and guidance. Join me & let’s connect.

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